Custom Air Handling Solutions

Air handling systems are the most important part of the equipment for an indoor pool. They control the room humidity and the air temperature and these two aspects ensure that the room remains comfortable and condensation free (in a building that is fit for purpose!) The air handling system can also be one of the most energy wasteful parts of the system and this is the reasoning behind the development of the Aqualia Mistral.

The Mistral, whilst having some standard units within the range, is a custom built air handling solution that includes some of the most energy efficient technology and features of any pool air handling system on the market. That is not a boast we take lightly.

At the heart of the unit is a pair of the latest energy efficient EC motor fans. Not only do these permanent magnet fans offer fantastic performance at their full capacity but they also provide an unmatched level of performance adjustment. Thus when a pool room is conditioned to perfection then the fans are turned down to the minimum required. This can reduce energy consumption by around 90% when compared with similar fixed speed fan systems.

The Mistral also includes a set of fully adjustable proportionally controlled dampers. When the room humidity is acceptable then the dampers place the machine into recirculation mode, removing the input of cold fresh air with the attached energy requirement for heating. When the humidity is high then the Mistral moves into fresh air mode, but fear not, this does not mean huge heating costs. Between the fresh air input and the warm stale air exhaust is a heat exchanger of around 70% efficiency that will recover vast amounts of heat and use it to heat the fresh air.

The efficiency of the Mistral continues with a fully proportional air heating valve and this ensures that the air is never heated any more than necessary. It does this with a valve that opens to the precise needs of the room and creates a stable fixed temperature environment, rather than the up and down undulations of the common 2 port valve fitted to most systems.

If all that sounds a little complex to control then the computerised colour touch screen controller should allay those fears. The brains of the Mistral is monitoring all equipment and all conditions constantly and ensures that everything works in unison, to optimise conditions and minimise running costs. The Mistral can be provided as an external weather proof unit, and can also be supplied in a multi piece assembly to ease its way into difficult plant rooms before being assembled and commissioned.

More Conventional Systems

Where an indoor pool can be dealt with using more conventional equipment, then Aqualia’s design and installation team have a wealth of experience for both new built, refurbishment and simple replacement. We have worked on and installed units from Calorex, Heatstar, Climatec, Andrews, Dantherm, Menerga and more besides. Our experience on the Calorex range is second to none.