Spa Designs

A swimming pool can be lots of fun & a great way to entertain the family & to exercise. However it is never able to produce the relaxing luxury of a heated spa with its soothing massaging jets and therapeutic aeration bubbles. Like pools however there are many variables to spa design. Overflow or freeboard, concrete or mosaic tiled GRP, above ground or recessed, overflowing into the pool or fully independent. The options seem endless.

The temperature, at around 36 deg C is set just about body temperature so that you have a warm feeling & the moving water massages you in a way that only water can. The water also gives you buoyancy to take your weight off your frame and limbs and relieves your muscles and tendons from the stress of supporting you.

The movement of the hot water in a spa is enough in many cases to provide relief for arthritis & similar pains. For many years, whirlpool massage baths have been used in rehabilitating those who have suffered muscle & tendon injury. But most fans of the spa are those that have come home from a stressful day and just want to chill out and enjoy a relaxing soak.

A spa should always be operated with a continuous supply of filtered and treated water. Dependent upon how heavily used the spa is, it may be possible to turn off the treatment and filtration system over night. A period of recovery after use, and a period of treatment before use will always be required however and this is where simple time controls are an advantage over more basic systems. The level of plant required for a spa may mean that it needs even more room than the pool equipment.

Sauna and steam are natural partners to your pool and spa experience. Taking time out to relax and cleanse at high temperature in a peaceful place of your own brings the rewards that Scandinavians have appreciated for centuries. It’s time we all caught on. Planning of the space and services is essential and Aqualia can ensure the infrastructure is put in place well before your sauna and steam room components are delivered to site.

More sophisticated steam room spaces are becoming popular, with heated walls and floors and the ability to create the dry heat of a sauna or the wet heat of a steam room. Integral showers and infra-red heating all offer other experience options and offer a multipurpose room where perhaps there are space limitations to contend with.