Swimming Pool Consultants

Our Aim

To continue to provide :-

Reliable, effective, innovative and attractive leisure facility designs.

Comprehensive design information that the professional and construction team can rely upon.

Heating and ventilation and filtration systems that are effective, reliable and cost effective in both installation and running costs.

Monitoring of the constantly changing energy climate and provide advice which reflects the changing balance between fuel costs and availabilities.

Development of new systems to embrace and incorporate new technologies and old technologies that have become cost effective once again.
The best possible construction techniques, water quality and building protection whilst maintaining comfortable conditions for spectators and swimmers.
To build upon our impressive reputation in the industry for our core services, and to continue to develop additional services and products for the industry.

Our Profile

Aqualia was formed by current MD and Technical Director John Scott. The company formation followed a career in Building Services Engineering Consultancy and several years as a technical manager at Calorex Heat Pumps before running Engineered Pool Supplies for 23 years.

The design and construction team has slowly been built and trained at with the emphasis on good engineering at a design and installation level.

John has provided schemes for many of the major swimming pool and construction companies as well as hotels, leisure centres, schools and homeowners. A large percentage of our work is repeat business. We like to think this is a fair indication of customer satisfaction.

John Scott is a Fellow of the Institute of Swimming Pool Engineers (I.S.P.E.), and was the institute’s president between 2007 and 2009 and still sits on the Institutes Council.

John also represented the East Anglian region of SPATA on the association’s National council for over 10 years, and sits on their technical committee, which overseas standards and reviews the forthcoming changes in European Standards.

John is a Past President of the British Swimming Pool Federation (BSPF)

John is immediate Past President of the European Union of Swimming Pool Associations (EUSA)

A regular presenter of technical seminars and journal articles John is also called to act in matters of dispute and has presented expert witness statements and evidence where court action cannot be avoided.

John is regularly employed to provide surveying and reporting on “under-performing” systems and buildings to achieve acceptable standards at minimum costs.

Our Approach

Every pool or system that we design comes with a set of detailed calculations and CAD drawings created specifically for that project. This ensures the design team and the on-site team are fully aware of the requirements long before the first turf is dug.

Aqualia’s strength lies in having a thorough knowledge of all aspects of swimming pool engineering as well as mechanical and electrical building services and architectural techniques..

All systems installed and built are supervised with us providing the essential quality control only available when the designers take personal responsibility to see their vision realised..

We try to achieve the perfect combination of efficiency, aesthetics and economy. (both economy of running and initial outlay) Our clients usually give us a brief or an example of what they want and leave the rest to us. We than find the best solution, keeping in mind the site conditions, programme, budget etc. and prepare detailed plans, sections, isometric views.

If you are in any doubt regarding who you wish to work with whilst developing your pool system, we urge you to take 10 minutes to speak with us. It’s an investment in time we are sure you will not regret

What’s Our Philosophy?

Our service is deliberately design orientated and driven. At Aqualia we believe that accurate and detailed technical design at planning stage is a pre-requisite of a smooth running and aesthetically pleasing swimming pool.

This design input is important not only to ensure that the scheme works as effectively as possible, but also to ensure operation and maintenance are easy and safe. This belief is not a conclusion we have arrived at overnight. We have been called to assist on far too many poorly planned pools that have been difficult and expensive to construct and maintain.

We are focussed on energy efficiency and all the designs put forward by EPS will attempt to provide the most energy efficient solution for the available funds. This philosophy is now more important than ever as fossil fuel prices rise, and “alternative” energy sources are becoming cost effective. We are pleased to work with those forward thinking clients who are prepared to pay a little more for “green” solutions.

Our comprehensive control systems will ensure that the systems components communicate and run the system at optimum efficiency. Where something unusual is required then our custom built solutions, such as our “Mistral” air handling systems come into their own.