Troubleshooting & Reporting

Aqualia’s engineers have an enviable wealth of knowledge of indoor pool systems and the problems that regularly affect schemes. This comes with the territory for our chief engineer who entered the business as a technical manager for Calorex Heat Pumps, Europe’s most prolific supplier of indoor pool dehumidification schemes. As a qualified and trained building services engineer the subjects involved fall perfectly into his background in consultancy and with British Gas and Calorex.

The Aqualia service is broad in respect of trouble shooting and can encompass.

Investigations into:

  • Systems that cannot provide the required air or water conditions
  • High running costs
  • Poor air quality
  • Noise complaints
  • Controls systems malfunctions
  • Boiler plant problems
  • Building condensation / damage / mould growth

With a full range of test equipment Aqualia’s reports are backed up with factual test data to be used either to instigate repairs or to provide assistance to staff / owners in modifying the building to render suitable.

Aqualia’s equipment includes thermal imaging and smoke testing equipment to verify the building construction. Mechanical and electrical equipment includes a full range of temperature and humidity measuring devices as well as long term data logging for more difficult to assess issues. Moisture measurement and high definition endoscope are also available to test for water ingress, even into the furthest reaches of an underground ducting system.

Noise instrumentation, air flow measurement and fan speed tachometer together with ac and dc monitoring and data logging complete the comprehensive test facilities.

Whilst this surveying and reporting is normally provided to owners and pool companies keen to get the system back on track, it is also provided as part of expert witness testimony in cases of legal dispute.